Technology of Consultation

○ Expression of simple proteins with various kinds of E. coli

〇 Establish a system of recombinant antibody expression in the medium. Antibody is stably expressed by extracting the gene of the hybridoma monoclonal antibody and incorporating it into the chromosome of CHO cells.

○ Expressing a protein with a complex three-dimensional structure in a medium using CHO cells

○ Production of recombinant antibody in the cocoon using transgenic silk worm

○ Improvement of binding affinity by mutating the antibody gene in the  HEK293 intracellularly using a special enzyme

○ Improve thermal stability of antibodies substituted with amino acids by computer calculation

○ High-sensitivity genetic testing using invader method or PCR

○ Support for those who will develop products such as immunochromatography and ELISA.

○ Support for Cartagena law measures in recombinant production and commercial use

○ Support for those who will develop products such as hydrogen water and supplements

Various consultations from design to genetic manipulation, expression in animal cells, purificatio

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