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Dear readers, thank you for your support over the year. In 2023, I plan to post according to the policy of this blog, so please look forward to it. This year’s zodiac rabbit(In the Orient, each year is classified into 12 animals) was painted on Facebook’s (current Meta) virtual reality headset Quest2 oil painting app by myself. Well, the reason why I decided to write a article series that can extend lifespan by 100% is because my friend passed away from cancer. He retired from work and started enjoying his retired life, but died of bladder cancer about two years after retirement. Since one in two people will develop cancer in their lifetime, the probability of dying from cancer will naturally increase if they do not undergo cancer screening.

Most people only have regular health checkups once a year (stomach cancer test using barium, colorectal cancer test using fecal occult blood), so there is a high probability that many stomach and colorectal cancers will be overlooked. It is the current situation that there are few people who think so. Bladder cancer can’t be prevented. It is recommended that the entire body be examined for cancer simply like a drive-through using background-suppressed wide-area nucleic acid-weighted imaging (DWIBS), an MRI examination method invented by Professor Takahara.

Since DWIBS is an advanced device, Researchers are currently collecting and evaluating cancer data. In the DWIBS test that I received, suspicion of prostate cancer was detected, so I went to a specialized hospital and underwent an abdominal MRI, and was diagnosed with the possibility of cancer. If you look at the fact that cancer can be detected, it seems that cancer death can be prevented considerably if you take a test once every two to three years. I would like to continue investigating this matter. The price of the DWIBS test is 40,000 to 80,000 Japanese yen, so I plan to take it once every two years. I think that if cancer could be prevented, the average life expectancy of people would increase by more than five years. Especially men are more likely to die from cancer, so the benefits may be great.

To become good at tennis, you need a certain skill, but how to live longer and rejuvenate requires skill. I would like to provide better information using paid papers, so please donate. You can donate with the coffee icon button

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