High mortality rate for unmarried men

Similarly, there was a report in the NHK special feature that the mortality rate of unmarried men was high. Curiously, unmarried women are not different compared with married. The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research estimates that in 2010, one in five men and one in ten women were 50 years old and never married, and one in ten women and one in three men by 2035. The mortality rate of unmarried men aged 45 to 65 is 2.2 times higher than that of married people. Myocardial infarction is 3.5 times more, respiratory disease is 2.4 times more, and extrinsic death including suicide is 2.2 times more. The analysis of the NHK program points out the disorder of eating habits and the connection with society. The eating habits of unmarried men are mainly lunch boxes and side dishes such as convenience store products, but unmarried women can cook by themselves and have a proper nutritional balance. In addition, unmarried men have little connection with society other than work relationships, but unmarried women can have multifaceted relationships such as hobby circles.

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