How many people will die if cancer is left untreated?

 This graph is data from the 2018 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare survey. The number of the people diagnosed as cancer  per 100,000 is higher for men than for women. The total number of these for each age is 49,579, and in fact one out of two will develop cancer in their lifetime. Of course, if this is left untreated, he or she will eventually die of cancer. The only way to prevent cancer death is to undergo high-quality cancer screening and detect it early. If you do not undergo cancer screening, you will have to go to the hospital after you have symptoms, and in many cases, advanced cancer will not save your life. However, horribly, out of about 100 million Japanese adult men and women, 36 million have not undergone a medical checkup once a year. Even if you have been diagnosed as cancer, you cannot detect even advanced cancer unless you examine the excellent method of diagnosis. Nearly 40% of new colorectal cancer patients cannot be diagnosed as cancer by using the fecal occult blood tests (a method of scratching the surface of stool and plunging it into a solution), which is often done in the medical checkup.

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