If you live naturally like an animal, your life expectancy is 38 years?

An interesting paper is being discussed. I read an article saying that the lifespan of human in a natural state that lives like animals is found to be 38 years old based on scientific grounds using genes, so I looked it up immediately. According to the article of scientific report: “a genomic predictor of lifespan in vertebrates” (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-54447-w), there is a strong correlation between the density of continuous cytosine-guanine (CpG) sequences (DNA is made up of the four bases adenine, cytosine, thymine, and guanine) that are targeted for methylation and lifespan of vertebrate. In this study, they analyzed the promoters (the part of the gene that regulates protein expression) of 42 genesThe correlation coefficient (R2) was 0.75 for CpG density vs. vertebrate lifespan, and 0.92 for CpG density vs. mammal lifespan. Interestingly, Neanderthals were 38 years old, mammoths were 60 years old, and Arctic whales, which are still living today, were 268 years old. Since this CpG density is likely to mutate easily, the difference in lifespan in this animal species is likely the result of strong natural selection during evolution. As a scientist who used to work with genes and cells, I have high hopes for young scientists, although I am also tempted to change the CpG density of these 42 genetic promoters by using my body itself. Anyway, as a creature, the life of human after 38 years old is a bonus life expectancy, so I want to live comfortably and have fun.

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