Let's Use Supplements for Longevity

I have long been involved in research and development in the fields of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic medicines, and biotechnology. As introduced in the previous article, the British royal family lives a healthy life until their 90s. Queen Elizabeth is 96 years old, but she is doing her official duties without growing senile. In this way, it seems that the life span of human beings has reached 90 years or older in modern science, but there is an analysis that there is a large economic disparity.

It is important to clarify where the disparity of 10 to 15 years comes from, and to incorporate it one by one. Furthermore, the science of longevity  starts making rapid progress. I aim to evaluate and incorporate these related medicines and supplements with the eyes of a retired doctor as much as possible. Looking at the position of medicines and supplements in the world, it will take nearly 10 years to develop medicines, and the cost of clinical trials will depend on the cases, but billions of yen will be required. Therefore, companies  basically have their own patents and develop only those with a large number of patients. Therefore, drugs for intractable and rare diseases are rarely developed. Also, even if companies spend this much money on clinical trials and it is approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it doesn’t work for 100% of people, for example, even if it works for 70% of people, it does not work for the remaining 30%. 

Therefor, what we need is a supplement. Certainly, we have not conducted clinical trials that cost billions of yen, so we have no choice but to try it with our own body, relying on animal experiment data and scientific data such as papers. However, supplements with a wide variety of effects are on sale. In Japan, if it is treated as food and is not toxic, I think it is approved and sold by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. There are also great supplements, so I want to use them well and stay healthy and live long until I’m 100 years old.

To become good at tennis, you need a certain skill, but how to live longer and rejuvenate requires skill. I would like to provide better information using paid papers, so please donate. You can donate with the coffee icon button.


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