Testosterone Gel?

 As previously introduced, high blood total testosterone concentration tends to lead to longer life, and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for those aged 60 and older has effects such as improving muscle strength. In addition, low testosterone levels cause sexual dysfunction, cognitive function/mood disorder, decrease in muscle mass, increase in visceral fat, insulin resistance-mediated metabolic syndrome, anemia, decrease in bone density, and significantly lower QOL in men. 

You can calculate your AMS score at the following site. A score of 27 or above indicates low testosterone. 

AMS score calculation site: https://globalrph.com/medcalcs/aging-males-symptoms-ams-scale/

As a result of investigating the relationship between AMS score and free testosterone in 193 male menopause patients, 85% (164 cases) had an AMS score of 27 points or more and a free testosterone level of 11.8 pg/mL or less. 

As I wrote last time about testosterone boosters, boosters are drugs that increase the body’s natural production of testosterone. There seems to be no testosterone oral medicine, but there are gels and ointments that are absorbed directly through the skin. Generally speaking, direct absorption is much more efficient than boosters, so I think you should choose this. When I looked at the clinical trial papers, there were two types of products. One is Daito Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.’s 1% testosterone-containing cream “Glomin,” which can be purchased at pharmacies without a prescription. The academic information of Gromin is as follows.


                                         Blood free testosterone concentration by age

According to a research report from the Department of Urology, St. Marianna University School of Medicine, 4 volunteers (aged 40-60) took about 2 cm of testosterone from the tube twice a day and applied it to the scrotum to measure the amount of free testosterone in the blood. The results are shown in Figure 1. Generally, a free testosterone level of 11.8 pg/ml or more is normal, 11.8 to 8.5 pg/ml is considered cautionary (borderline), and 8.5 pg/ml or less is clearly low.  Twelve males with an average age of 66.8 years who are likely to develop metabolic syndrome exercise regularly. After receiving guidance on balance exercise, strength training, and aerobic exercise at a gym twice a month, they are trained at home five times a week. There is data that after 3 months of continuous exercise, blood free testosterone increased from 8.2 pg/ml to 9.1 pg/ml. By comparison, the 5 pg/ml rise in one week of drug use in Figure 1 is substantial. 

Also, according to a report of a clinical trial at Nagano Red Cross Hospital using glomin (GL) for LOH syndrome (age-related hypogonadism) in 50 people

Maximum levels of total testosterone (TT) and free testosterone (FT) detected 1-2 hours after application of a 2 cm line of GL (3 mg testosterone) to the scrotal skin were above physiological levels. was not rising. These levels then returned to natural biorhythms after 4 hours in 4 healthy male volunteers. Highest TT and FT levels were also obtained after 1-2 hours in 4 LOH patients with the same dosing regimen. Moreover, these levels remained within normal limits for 6 hours. After 12 weeks of GL treatment in 50 LOH patients, TT and FT levels showed the same satisfactory response to initial GL administration, without GL accumulation effects. No GL accumulation was observed after 1 week in healthy men and after 12 weeks in LOH patients. In addition, the AMS score (high and deficient in the score of symptoms caused by lack of testosterone) decreased significantly. No serious side effects were observed.

J Sex Med. 2008 Jul;5(7):1727-36.

It is important to use testosterone in a range of physiological concentrations, as there are also known side effects such as: 

Liver dysfunction or polycythemia

Abnormal lipid metabolism

Exacerbation of sleep apnea syndrome



Redness of cheeks

Changes in mood or behavior

In this regard, you can rest assured that gromin will not deviate from the physiological concentration if you follow the usage instructions in the above article. The second popular testosterone gel, the American-made “Testim”, contains a significantly higher concentration of testosterone and requires a doctor’s prescription. Use as directed by your doctor.

I am actually using it myself, and I feel that my sexual energy has increased and my physical condition has rejuvenated.

In the case of Glomin, it doesn’t have a concentration that would cause side effects like American-made products, so why not give it a try?


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