Annual household income and diabetes

In the special feature of NHK, as an example of such a person with low annual income, I introduced the story of a woman who became diabetic in her 30s, had poor eyesight, and was sleeping with renal failure in the story of income and longevity in Osaka. A survey of 782 type 2 diabetic patients under the age of 40 was conducted at medical institutions nationwide with a sense of crisis about the succession of such patients. Also, according to the NHK program, it can be seen that among the type 2 diabetic patients introduced here, the annual household income of less than 2 million yen is extremely high. In addition, the high school enrollment rate is 96.7%, but this diabetic patients who didn’t go to high school are 15.2%, indicating that there are many junior high school graduates.The reason seems to be due to eating habits, lifestyle and the absence of health checkups, and low-income households consume a lot of rice, potatoes, flour and sweets, and then  they eat such as ready-made convenience store lunch boxes and beef bowls, as they do not have enough time to cook. There is a similar tendency among children in low-income households, and it is presumed that these eating habits continue even as adults. In addition, they are forced to work long hours and cannot afford to exercise, and in many cases, non-regular work has not undergone a medical checkup. Therefore, there are many cases of going to the hospital after complications occur, and many people damage their eyesight and kidneys.

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