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Prostate cancer has the highest 10-year survival rate, or survival rate, at 98.7%. Other cancers were breast cancer 87.5%, colorectal cancer 67.2%, stomach cancer 66.0%, lung cancer 34.5%, liver cancer 21.8%, and pancreatic cancer 6.5%. Only 1 in 20 people who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survive. The following people are especially recommended to have regular check-ups.



1. have a family member with pancreatic cancer

2. people with diabetes

3. obese

4. those who smoke

5. Heavy drinkers

 There are pancreatic enzymes and cancer markers (except PSA) in the blood for health checkups of pancreatic cancer, but they do not increase even if there is cancer, and conversely, they may increase even if there is no cancer, so it is difficult to use them for examination.  For example, CA19-9 is the most commonly used tumor marker for pancreatic cancer. It is said that the sensitivity for detecting pancreatic cancer is 70-80%, but it is said that the positive rate is about half for pancreatic cancer of 2 cm or less, which is early stage and has a high survival rate. Comparing the diagnostic performance of pancreatic cancer, the sensitivity of CT using a contrast agent was 89%, while the sensitivity of abdominal MRI was 89%, indicating that both diagnostic abilities were almost the same. CT scan cause cancer as you know. The possibility is 1 of 2000 test. MRI includes imaging methods such as diffusion weighted image (DWI) and MR cholangiopancreatography (MRCP). DWI is a method of imaging the diffusion of water molecules, and in many malignant tumors, reduced diffusion of water molecules can be used to detect tumors. In diagnosing pancreatic cancer, Park et al. reported that the sensitivity of conventional MRI is 75-76%, but adding DWI increased the sensitivity to 96-98%, suggesting the usefulness of DWI in diagnosing pancreatic cancer. In other words, pancreatic cancer can almost always be prevented by taking these tests. If possible, it should be done annually, at least once every two to three years. In fact, last year, I underwent DWIBS, an advanced version of DWI that can examine cancers throughout the body. At this time, I was suspected of having prostate cancer, so I went to a hospital specializing in prostate cancer and underwent another MRI examination.  Cytodiagnosis is a definitive diagnosis to determine whether cancer is present. Fortunately, the result was not cancer, but I confirmed the usefulness of DWIBS. DWIBS is a safe examination because it does not use any radiation. I hope that you will make use of these promoting technologies for your longevity.

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